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Autopart Selector is one of the oldest and most easily navigable websites for finding used auto parts. We help you find the parts you need at competitive pricing. We have been locating top-condition recycled auto parts for the public for almost two decades. Our philosophy when purchasing used auto parts is simply why buy new when used will do? We make searching and locating easy and fast by incorporating several ways to find the used auto parts you need. You may search our online database for your parts needs. However, we highly encourage you to locate your parts by taking advantage of our online Used Auto Parts request form which allows you to query many vendors at once.

When you fill out this form, you are sending a request to immediately begin to locate the used auto parts you request, you are not committed to a purchase. Your request is then swiftly forwarded to junkyards and other used and aftermarket auto parts businesses in the USA. If one or more of these auto parts dealers can help you, they will contact you directly.

Autopart Selector does not sell used auto parts. If you would like to find a junkyard or used auto parts dealer, we have two ways to help you. You can search our database of thousands of salvage yards all over the USA and Canada or you can use the form above to begin your part search. If you are a used auto parts dealer, we can help you. We have thousands of people using our service to find used auto parts or that may be looking for salvage yards by providing ways for them to contact you about your inventory. Each of our valuable services is and have always been free to the visitor, so take your time and look around.

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